What is on the NIA CD?

The "package" on the NIA Version 2 CD includes the HTML files of the text of the tutorials and the linked information, the simulator NEURON (version 5.9), a customized Internet browser (Firefox), PDFs of original papers, and the set of minimovies in Quicktime. It is not necessary to be connected to the Internet for NIA to work.

NIA text is written in HTML format; versions 1.5 and 2 are displayed by a customized version of Firefox. This "NIA Firefox" has its own set of preferences; they will not interfere with the user's set of Firefox preferences if he or she is using Firefox as a browser.

If Firefox is updated with a newer version page, the NIA user can simply click on the Home icon in the top bar of NIA Firefox to access the NIA pages again.

Warning!  The user should not try to download or use any other version of NEURON to run the NIA simulations. All versions of NIA have special instructions on where to find NEURON and how to launch the customized simulations.