Overview of Sample Tutorials

The texts of the tutorials displayed here illustrate the style and the range of the NIA2 tutorials. Neither the simulations nor the hyperlinks are operative.

A diagram at the top of each tutorial shows the geometric situation:
  • The experiments of The Membrane Tutorial are performed on a patch of membrane;
  • The experiments of the Chattering Channels tutorial are performed on a patch of membrane containing single Na and K channels whose number may be specified in the tutorial;
  • The experiments of the Partial Demyelination tutorial are performed on a length of axon that is bare on its left half and myelinated on the right half;
  • The experiments of the Synaptic Integration tutorial are performed on a spinal motoneuron with synaptic inputs to three dendrites.

Each tutorial has an associated set of goals, instructions for setting up the panels and graphs specific to that tutorial, and a set of experiments.