Lab Exercises

  • On conduction of the action potential in a partially demyelinated axon (A. Stuart)

    This lab follows a series of lectures on the ionic basis of the action potential. It is an abbreviated version of the Partial Demyelination tutorial and is designed to test the student's knowledge of the ions flowing during the action potential and how the impulse travels. The students do a manipulation, as instructed on their PowerPoint handout, and then answer a question (see accompaying Word document for questions and the answers). I print out the PowerPoint file as 6 slides per page and also hand out the printed-out questions (without the answers of course). The students can do this exercise in an hour.

  • For the beginning neurobiology student (S. Barry, Mt. Holyoke College) based on NIA Version 1.
    • Resting potential
    • Passive axon
      Part I: The axon length (or space) constant
      Part II: How does changing axon membrane resistance affect the length constant?
    • Action potential
      Part I - Ion currents during an action potential
      Part II - Action potential threshold
      Part III - Refractory period following an action potential
    • Propagation of action potentials
      Part I - Unmyelinated Axon
      Part II - Myelinated Axon
      Part III - Partial Demyelination